What the eye sees ...the heart

must believe.


Roy recently performed at the invitation-only Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic!


Entertainment for All Ages

"Magic transends all languages and communicates straight into our hearts. It still amazes me every time I perform the magic!"


Magic creates wonderment and entertains all ages from kindergardner to Grandma; from school teacher to mechanic; and from scientist to poet.


Roy is formerly from the Washington, D.C. area and recently relocated to the Richmond, VA area. He has over 40 years of professional magic experience entertaining in such venues as:


• Child and Adult Birthday Parties

• Weddings and Family Parties

• Corporate Entertainment

• Special Event Planning

• Restaurant "Table Hopping"

• County Fairs

• Boy Scout Blue and Gold Dinners

• Walk Around Cocktail Hour

• Tavern and Behind the Bar



Roy has a degree as a "Professional Mixologist." He has performed "bar magic" in Europe and the United States including at the FBI National Training Academy, the "Board Room," and the DEA Training Academy, the "Golden Eagle," in Quantico, VA.


Your event will be recognized, talked about, and appreciated. Imagine magical acts performed in person, up close, in your hands under the closest scrutiny. Roy performs for functions, businesses and families where engaging, ice-breaking entertainment stimulates conversation and delightful memories.


Don't hesitate — put magic into your life. Contact Roy to book an appearance now!


Magic Roy at an outdoor event

Groups will be dazzled...


Interested in Magic?


Some prestigious magic organizations:


The International Brotherhood of Magicians


The Society of American Magicians


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Email: happy4magic@comcast.net


Phone: 571.239.8443


Address: 3800 Timber Ridge Road

Midlothian, VA 23112

Books by Roy



Coins By Roy

Volume 1

Marvelous, Mystical, Magical Coins

55 Years of the Underground Journey


Revealed for the first time and held deep in the underground many never before published secret coin sleights, moves, and subtleties. Learn the moves and the methods from one who has learned from the greats. Like music, once you learn the basic chords, you can begin to improvise and make your own music. Learn the basics, the routining, and the art of creating in Roy Eidem's new book "Coins By Roy".




$42.50 includes shipping and handling

(additional $5 for overseas shipping).


Large Purse frames from Europe

$12.00. Shipping and handling included.

(Purse frame magic included in "Coins By Roy")


"And His Name Was ...Houdini"



Houdini escapes three times from being tied up.  The last escape is under the fairest and most impossible conditions -- in the spectator’s hand.  You start and end clean.  All is examinable before and after.   A rope, tied around your fingers and hand, melts through twice; and then "Houdini" escapes a third and final time slowly, off the spectators hand under challenging conditions.  A magician fooler and a layman's delight.




$25 includes shipping and handling

(additional $5 for overseas shipping).


Santa’s Magical Lump of Coal

(Close-Up Ball Manipulations)



(Vanish / Production / Transposition / Multiplication / Transformation) - Sleight of Hand with balls and a magic wand.  Stand-up, close up, and surrounded.  Men laugh - ladies love it.


A magic wand disappears and re-appears.    Then suddenly a lump of coal magically appears.  The lump of coal disappears and re-appears three times and on the third complete disappearance it jumps into the pocket.   Then the lump of coal multiplies into two lumps of coal, then it multiplies into three lumps of coal.   Two lumps of coal are removed and the last lump of coal is squeezed tightly in the hand causing the coal to change “under pressure” into a diamond which is given to the lady as a gift.





$25 includes shipping and handling

(additional $5 for overseas shipping).




Tributes and Comments

"Did you bring your coins?"

- John Calvert -


"People are going to love to see these routines performed. Great moves . . . great coin magic. You did a great job Roy!"

- Al Cohen - "Al's Magic"


"Master Coin Manipulator and Sleight of hand artist, Roy Eidem, without any doubt is one of the top coin workers within the arcane arts. Roy's coin work goes well beyond the point of sleight of hand will go way beyond the methods. His psychology employed with his flawless coin work transcends sleight of hand creating the look of real magic. This gentleman makes his work look totally effortless, with a touch of graceful moves. His worst weapon against his spectators is his charm and gentleman approach, using it to misdirect and place his audience in a state of awe. Mr. Eidem has been a coin worker for many years and I have been doing magic now for 44 years. "I just can't catch this guy." Never did, never will. Take a journey with Coins Volume One, and I promise with work and practice, you too can become a very strong coin worker."

- Jerry Foster - "The Demented Magician"


"In a market full of garbage, here is a collection of audience tested, workable routines from a magician with decades of experience. Very worthwhile stuff..."

- Eric Jones -


"You are a marvelous coin magician."

-Woody Landers -


"I have studied with and knew Bobo, and Roy's coin magic reminds me of Bobo."

-Mauny Muray-


"...You won't find any "use your favorite method" cop outs as Roy meticulously details his signature multiphase coin escapade...Roy delivers the how and why of each sleight and subtlety to coach conjurers through his stunning sterling odyssey..."

-Keith Pass-


"Roy Eidem is a miracle-worker with coins! I've been in this magic game for many years and I was thrilled with the many routines, moves, subtleties, sleights and Roy's brilliantly directed patter...obviously the work of a real-world Pro! Every nuance of performance has been painstakingly constructed with numerous step-by-step photographs of Roy in action. The clinking of shiny coins will ALWAYS make audiences sit up and take notice...Roy's coin magic will also make their heads spin! And it's all right here for the magic world! Thank you for this monumental tome, Roy! "


-Paul Lelekis-